Innvictis Seed Solutions tests products locally and selects based on local needs. We offer products that have been screened for multiple micro-environments that deliver the best disease resistance with top-end yield...
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Innvictis Seed Solutions offers today’s latest trait technologies to protect your seed for maximum performance. Innovation in trait technology allows growers to unlock more yield potential from their seed.
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Yield Data

Innvictis Seed Solutions utilizes a comprehensive testing protocol to determine the best yield potential. Yield data is collected from multiple environments to determine product placement recommendations...
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About Us

Innvictis Seed Solutions, LLC was founded in 2016 with a specific mission in mind: Provide growers with corn and soybean products that exceed industry standards for quality...
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Innvictis Seed Solutions Progress In The Field - SW, MN
I worked with the Innvictis Seed Solutions team because I think seed quality is important. My stand was excellent and I’m confident there will be more yield when I harvest.

Steve Williams, Minnesota