Innvictis Seed Solutions works with the best genetic researchers in the industry.  Every soybean variety is selected based on local needs and performance.  Innvictis Seed products are tested and evaluated for local disease tolerance and yield potential

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Brand Maturity Feature Brand Trait
B00730E 0.1 Excellent IDC score for problem areas in the Northern Red River Valley Enlist E3
A00821XF 0.1 An appealing medium-bush style plant to help with good row closure XtendFlex
A00918X 0.1 Excellent across Red River Valley due to IDC, SWM, and PRR tolerances Xtend
A00979X 0.1 High yielding variety with upright lateral branches Xtend
A0338X 0.3 Proven 0.3 RM soybean with the ability to handle tough IDC acres in the Red River Valley Xtend
B0330E 0.3 Excellent ND bean with good western movement Enlist E3
A0351XF 0.3 Excellent emergence for cooler or heavy no-till Northern soils XtendFlex
B0302E 0.3 Excellent soybean to move into the Red River Valley on IDC ground Enlist E3
A0430X 0.4 Strong Xtend soybean in Western environments Xtend
A0433XF 0.4 Excellent mid-group 0.0 soybean for the Red River Valley into Western North Dakota XtendFlex
A0671XF 0.6 Nice rugged bean that handles stress in and out of the Red River Valley XtendFlex
B0641E 0.6 Medium statured plant with very upright branches Enlist E3
A0710XF 0.7 Very nice yield performance with very good IDC tolerance XtendFlex
B0750E 0.7 Strong variety that brings stress tolerance and yield potential Enlist E3
A0912XF 0.9 Excellent pairing of agronomics and high yield XtendFlex
B0932E 0.9 Shorter statured plant with a wider canopy to help fill 30in. rows Enlist E3
A1092XF 1.0 Med-tall, med-bush soybean with strong standability that can move into narrow rows XtendFlex
A1211XF 1.2 Strong disease package with very good stress tolerance XtendFlex
B1281E 1.2 Early Salt Excluder line with excellent defensive characteristics Enlist E3
A1376NXR2 1.3 Solid performer in early group 1 maturity Xtend
A1440XF 1.4 Amazing stand that helps aids the overall appeal of variety XtendFlex
A1591XF 1.5 Great adaptability to yield environments with high yield potential XtendFlex
A1543XF 1.5 Outstanding combination of disease tolerances and yield performance XtendFlex
B1661E 1.6 High yielding soybean line with broad acre coverage Enlist E3
A1610XF 1.6 Broadly adaptable line East to West with strong yield performance XtendFlex
A1637NXR2 1.6 Soybean variety that moves from SD to WI Xtend
A1793XF 1.7 Excellent disease package and nice standability XtendFlex
B1881E 1.8 Excellent soybean for acres prone to SWM Enlist E3
A1801XF 1.8 Excellent movement to high and low yield environments XtendFlex
B1962E 1.9 Excels in low yield environments and moves well into high yield scenarios Enlist E3
A1993XF 1.9 High yielding line stacked with good stress tolerance and stability XtendFlex
B2081E 2.0 Broadly adaptable soybean variety East to West Enlist E3
A2100XF 2.1 Stable yield moving from high to low yielding environments XtendFlex
B2282E 2.2 Outstanding yield potential and very appealing fall look Enlist E3
A2271XF 2.2 Medium statured soybean with a strong disease stacked with a higher yield punch XtendFlex
B2221E 2.2 A soybean variety with all needed attributes to move East to west Enlist E3
A2263XF 2.2 Broad adaptability East to West with stable performance XtendFlex
B2340E 2.3 Broadly adaptable soybean East to West Enlist E3
A2491XF 2.4 A soybean that offers a one, two punch of both stability and yield XtendFlex
B2540E 2.5 Excellent IDC, Frogeye, and Stress Tolerance to allow for broad adaptability Enlist E3
A2512XF 2.5 A bean that moves across varying soil types and a great broad acre choice XtendFlex
A2623XF 2.6 Stability combined with consistent yield performance on high and low yield acres XtendFlex
B2622E 2.6 Excellent defensive characteristics with consistent yield performance Enlist E3
A2742XF 2.7 Excels on the highly managed acres XtendFlex
A2811XF 2.8 Broad acre soybean that moves well East to West XtendFlex
B2961E 2.9 Appealing moderately bushy style plant that holds height under stress Enlist E3
A2992XF 2.9 Excellent soybean to move in low yield scenarios XtendFlex
A3032XF 3.0 Broadly adaptable East to West with the disease tolerance to move on most acres XtendFlex
B3121E 3.1 White flowered soybean with excellent defensive characteristics Enlist E3
A3272XF 3.2 Excellent bean for broad adaptability East to West XtendFlex
B3362E 3.3 Very appealing plant and late-season appeal Enlist E3
B3461E 3.4 Broad acre soybean that moves across varying soils and yield environments Enlist E3
B3680E 3.6 Strong soybean from IL moving into IN Enlist E3
A3670XF 3.6 Tall bean with excellent standability XtendFlex
A3691XF 3.6 Attractive variety with Light Tawny / Brown XtendFlex
B3701E 3.7 A soybean line that stacks SDS, Stress Tolerance, IDC, and strong FELS scores Enlist E3
A3782XF 3.7 Excellent Top End Yield Potential,108% of the XF checks Across the Central and western Corn Belt XtendFlex
B3880E 3.8 Great movement from KS to IL and down to MO Enlist E3
A3992XF 3.9 Position in West and Mid-South Regions XtendFlex
B4023E 4.0 New E3 Soybean with Med-Tall plant structure and high yield potential in all environments. Enlist E3
A4003XF 4.0 Position Kansas ,Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana and East to Del Marva. XtendFlex
A4103XF 4.1 Improved stability and adaptability over A4102XF XtendFlex
B4112E 4.1 Above Average Yield Potential with outstanding Defensive Characteristics Enlist E3
A4102XF 4.1 NEW - Very Good Performance in Western, Central and Eastern Corn Belt XtendFlex
B4139E 4.1 Fits Kansas east through Southern Corn Belt Enlist E3
B4312E 4.3 Very Tough high yielding Med-Tall 4.3 with Excellent Cercospora Ratings Enlist E3
A4412XF 4.4 NEW - Very Competitive High Yielding 4.4 XF in Low and High Yield Environments XtendFlex
A4411XF 4.4 Performs well on High and minimal productive soils XtendFlex
A4448X 4.4 Root Knot King - Excellent root knot nematode tolerance Xtend
B4440E 4.4 Place in higher yield environments and Silt Loams Enlist E3
A4503XF 4.5 Outstanding Broadly Adapted with proven background and outstanding yields XtendFlex
B4603E 4.6 Attractive E3 Excluder line for the Mid-South and East Regions Enlist E3
A4608X 4.6 Clay King - Tall variety with great performance on Delta Clay Soils Xtend
A4618X 4.6 Good yield performance on Mid-South loam to mixed soils Xtend
B4609E 4.6 Excellent fit for light soils with Very Good Stress Tolerance Enlist E3
B4681E 4.6 Medium + Plant with lateral branching and good canopy closure for wide row systems Enlist E3
A4690XF 4.6 Travels well from southern Ks to East coast. Excellent Delta bean for mixed to heavy soils XtendFlex
A4642XF 4.6 NEW - High Yielding 4.6 RM with Very Good Standability and Excellent Yield Performance in Southern KS, MO, Delta and MidSouth. XtendFlex
A4662XF 4.6 NEW - Exceptional High Yielding Line For West,Mid-South and East Coast XtendFlex
A4632XF 4.6 NEW - Work Horse for Delta Environments with Very Good Stress Tolerance XtendFlex
A4742XF 4.7 Position in Western Regions, Central Corn Belt and Mid-South and Delta Regions XtendFlex
B4740E 4.7 High Yielding STS and E3 soybean line. Nice Yield bump over current lines. Enlist E3
A4828X 4.8 Rice King - Performs on Delta clay soils Xtend
A4850XF 4.8 Broad area of adaptability with STS tolerance and Excellent Standability XtendFlex
B4841E 4.8 Consistent High Yielding Variety that performs in High and Lower Yield Environments Enlist E3
A4831XF 4.8 Position Southern KS to East coast and south. Likes Heavy Clay Soils XtendFlex
A4852XF 4.8 NEW - Broad Adaptability and High Yielding KS to East Coast and South. XtendFlex
A4862XF 4.8 NEW - Broadly Adapted West to East XtendFlex
A4803XF 4.8 Posistion from KS, MO,So. IL, So.IN, MId-South Delta, east to Del Marva XtendFlex
B4903E 4.9 E3 Excluder with Stem Canker and SCN Resistance. Enlist E3
A4992XF 4.9 Excellent Performance in Western Regions , MidSouth to East Coast XtendFlex
B4921E 4.9 Consistent Top Yielding RKN tolerance for cotton growing environments Enlist E3
A4950X 4.9 Very versatile variety that fits all soil types in the Mid-South to East Coast Xtend
B5013E 5.0 Indeterminant Excluder with STS For Arkansas and Mississippi. Excellent fit for the Rice region. Enlist E3
A5003XF 5.0 High Yielding 5.0 line that topped all the trials in 2021 and 2022 XtendFlex
B5112E 5.1 High Yielding 5.1 with Excellent Standability on highly productive Silt Loams Enlist E3
A5278X 5.2 Race Horse - High-yielding early Group V- Indeterminate Xtend
A5451XF 5.4 SDS Resistant and Stem Canker Resistant XtendFlex
B5401E 5.4 Indeterminate Group V Excluder, Position in Delta and East Coast Enlist E3
A5503XF 5.5 Indeterminant Mid 5 XtendFlex line for Eastern Coastal States. XtendFlex
A5558X 5.5 Excellent on Clay Soils,. Standability a Concern Only on Light Soil Types Xtend
A5521XF 5.5 Stable East to West movement with Very good late season standability XtendFlex
A5813XF 5.8 Excluder, STS and RKN XtendFlex
A6228X 6.2 Early Group 6 Determinate for South Delta and East Coast Xtend