Innvictis Seed Solutions is committed to bringing growers the best quality seed.  Germination standards for Innvictis corn exceed the industry standards, enabling you to harvest the best stand.  Innvictis Seed Solutions works with the best genetic researchers in the industry.  Every corn hybrid is selected based on local needs and performance.  Innvictis Seed products are tested and evaluated for local disease tolerance and yield potential.

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Hybrid Maturity Feature Traits Available
A7837 78 Strong yield performance in the Red River Valley VT2PRIB
A7883 78 Early hybrid with strong yield and stable agronomics VT2PRIB RHS/ASR
C78000 78 Stable hybrid for varying yield environments Conventional
A7988 79 Strong early-season hybrid with excellent movement East to West VT2PRIB
A8231 82 Outstanding hybrid in moderate to higher yielding environments VT2PRIB
A8338 83 Lead hybrid with proven performance in both high and low yielding environments VT2PRIB
A8367 83 Excellent option for moderate to low productivity acres VT2PRIB
A8377 83 Great hybrid to move from low to higher yielding environments VT2PRIB
A8402 84 Great combination of drought/stress tolerance and yield performance VT2PRIB
A8550 85 Oustanding agronomic package offering toughness needed for broad acre versatility VT2PRIB
B8548 85 Unique hybrid to move into both high-yield environments and low/droughty areas AA EZR
C8518 85 Stable hybrid to move into moderate and lower yield environments Conventional
B8603 86 Eye catching combination of yield performance and agronomic stability AA EZR
A8728 87 Excellent hybrid for top-end yield potenial Conventional
A8737 87 Standout performance in moderate or lower yield environments VT2PRIB
A8901 89 Excellent agronomic package with stable performance across yield environments VT2PRIB
B8900 89 Great agronomic offering with good disease tolerances D EZR
A9067 90 Stable hybrid that performs well on marginal soils VT2PRIB
C9000 90 Great agronomic offering with good disease tolerances Conventional
A9137 91 Strong performance in varying yield environments VT2PRIB
B9210 92 Outstanding agronomic offering with proven yield performance V EZR
A9340 93 Strong performance in varying yield environments SmartStax RIB
A9358 93 Unique combination of top-end yield potential coupled with elevated drought tolerance VT2PRIB
A9436 94 Proven hybrid in early RM market with an appealing, long flex ear Conventional
SmartStax RIB
A9437 94 Outstanding yield performance stacked with the ability to go across variable acres VT2PRIB
A9442 94 Strong combination of stability and yield VT2PRIB
A9447 94 Proven hybrid with an oustadning agronomic package and yield punch Conventional
A9491 94 Appealing, med-tall hybrid with very good drydown for timely harvest VT2PRIB RHS/ASR
A9521 95 Outstanding yield potential combined with stable agronomics VT2PRIB RHS/ASR
A9567 95 A hybrid with impressive stalk and root strength Conventional
A9588 95 Excellent hybrid for tougher more drought prone acres VT2PRIB
A9647 96 Proven hybrid with consistent performance in varying yield environments Conventional
A9699 96 Hybrid with a large area of adaptation VT2PRIB ASR
A9729 97 Robust plant type with strong grain and silage perfomance SmartStax RIB
A9811 98 Appealing, robust plant type with strong intactness and standability Trecepta RIB RHS/ASR
A9938 99 Lead hybrid with top-end yield potential in high yield environments Conventional
SmartStax RIB
A0029 100 Lead hybrid with tremendous yield potential Conventional
A0047 100 Proven stable performance across multiple environments Conventional
B0012 100 Extremely versatile 100-day hybrid with the ability to move into high and low yield environments AA EZR
A0103 101 Excellent combination of top-end yield performance with product stability VT2PRIB
B0243 102 Top-end yield potential stacked with consistency and stability AA EZR
B0299 102 Tall hybrid with excellent intactness and late season standability DV EZR
A0357 103 Proven hyrbid with stable performance across the varying acre Conventional
SmartStax RIB
A0452 104 Incredible yield performance packed with strong bottom-end stability Trecepta ASR
A0490 104 Very good agronomics combined with a sound disease package SmartStax RIB
B0494 104 Unique combination of yield performance in low to high yield environments PWE
A0503 105 Tall, robust plant type with appealing grain and dual-purpose use SmartStax RIB ASR
A0598 105 Stable hybrid moving East to West in variable yield environments SmartStax RIB
A0719 107 Strong agronomics with the adaptability to cover the broad acre SmartStax RIB
A0747 107 Consistency combined with stability in all yield environments Conventional
SmartStax RIB
B0743 107 High yielding PowerCore product that offers broad adaptability East to West PWE
A0842 108 Excellent movement across varying yield environments and soil types SmartStax RIB RHS/ASR
A0851 108 Leading disease tolerance with stable agronomics VT2PRIB
B0829 108 Artesian corn with an appealing flex ear for lower planting pops DV EZR
A0958 109 Excellent yield performance with a nice stable agronomic package VT2PRIB
B0928 109 Outstanding intactness with strong stalks and roots VZ EZR
A1062 110 Medium statured plant with strong yield performance in the Western Corn Belt Trecepta RIB ASR
A1072 110 Strong hybrid for black dirt in the Central and Eastern Corn Belt VT2PRIB RHS/ASR
A1179 111 Medium statured plant with very uniform ears and nice grain quality SmartStax RIB RHS/ASR
A1192 111 Tall hybrid with very good staygreen and late-season intactness SmartStax RIB RHS/ASR
B1132 111 Outstanding high-yield potential combined with tremendous grain quality D EZR
A1257 112 Lead hybrid with outstanding yield performance Conventional
SmartStax non RIB
SmartStax RIB
A1292 112 A hybrid that combines consistency, stability, and strong yield potential VT2P RHS/ASR
A1312 113 Excellent 113RM adapted to Southern, Western, Central and Eastern Corn Belts VT2P ASR
A1398 113 Widely adapted hybrid with nice movement East to West Conventional
SmartStax RIB
A1457 114 Excellent agronomics with strong seedling vigor for no-till acres VT2P
A1462 114 Nice yield bump over A1548DGVT2P and A1457VT2P VT2P ASR
A1469 114 Well adapted for the Central and Eastern Corn Belt. VT2P
A1542 115 Outstanding high yielding hybrid with excellent early vigor and very good greensnap Trecepta ASR
A1548 115 Stable hybrid performance East to West DGVT2P
A1551 115 Very Good 115 RM option with Strong Yield Performance VT2P RHS/ASR
B1598 115 Hybrid adapted east to west VZ EZR
A1657 116 Proven performer with excellent eye appeal SmartStax RIB
A1668 116 Very good yield potential on productive soil types SmartStax RIB
A1687 116 Consistent performance with stable yield across a wide geography VT2P
A1689 116 High yielding hybrid with appealing plant stature Trecepta ASR
B1642 116 Broadly adapted 116 RM hybrid with strong yield potential DV EZR
B1670 116 116 RM Viptera , white cob V EZR
A1791 117 Widely adapted full-season hybrid adapted East to West and North of RM Zone VT2P
A1792 117 Lead high yielding hybrid with broad adaptability across all yield environments Trecepta ASR
A1798 117 Proven broadly adapted full season leader VT2P
B1790 117 High Yielding Full-Season Hybrid with Excellent Grain Quality DV
C1718 117 Coinventional Hybrid with flex ear and high test weight Conventional
A1857 118 Excellent 118 RM with Early Vigor SmartStax non RIB
B1860 118 Excellent roots and staygreen VIP3110
A1993 119 Full-season hybrid with semi-flex ear that shows strong performance in full-season markets Trecepta RHS/ASR